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Callivember 2020

In November I participated in a calligraphy/lettering challenge. A list of 30 words was provided, one for each day. I did most of the prompts a day or two ahead of time, since there is not much daylight in

First Ideal of the Knights Radiant

The piece in this post is a quote from the "Stormlight Archive" series by Brandon Sanderson, which I started reading recently. In the story, there is a group called the Knights Radiant, and this text is known as their First

Poem in a shape

This post was originally written in December 2019. In May 2020, I added a new version of the piece, and a section describing it, at the bottom. I have long been fascinated by the “Butterfly, Marine Mollusk, and Pear” page,

Card with raised design

The final assignment for my class was to make a custom card for another person in the group. Card recipients were assigned randomly, and we could ask them a few questions about their preferences. The person receiving my card said

Blackletter cities

This week, I was studying fraktur capitals, and my homework assignment was to write out a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I chose to write a list of US cities. There are many different styles of writing

How to photograph calligraphy

When you create a beautiful piece, and want to share it with others, you need to take a good picture of it. While the photography part may sound daunting to some, there are actually just a few simple things to

From paper to digital

I've been studying calligraphy for almost 10 years now, and I found that depending on where you are geographically, it can either look like calligraphy is just another art class anyone can take, or like it's some special club where