Built-up Capitals with Yves Leterme

In the spring and early summer, I had signed up for a Built-up Capitals class. Based on my previous experience with Yves' online classes, I figured I would not be able to learn all of the material presented, but at

TypeCon and Blog Update

Last week I went to TypeCon (which is a typographic conference). It was conveniently held in Seattle, so I didn't have to travel far or pay an exorbitant amount for a hotel room. I first heard about this conference last

Cooking Temperatures, Part 1

Phew, last two weeks have been quite busy! I had the CodeU summit in California, and then spent the weekend kayaking for 20 miles along the San Juan island coast. Not trying to make excuses here, but I didn't have

We Can Always Eat More

You might think that this is a strange thing for me to say, "We can always eat more." That's because I didn't come up with the phrase. One day, several months ago, I was eating dinner with my

Bratwurst Poster

Today's blog is about a silly poster. Just like all silly things, it has a little back story. I work at this nice place that provides lunch to employees. Most of the time we get what you would consider "

On the direction of light

One of the most fundamental principles of creating a three-dimensional scene is to establish the direction of light. In a complex composition, there may be multiple light sources, and some objects may be obscured by one another, but today I