Blackletter cities

This week, I was studying fraktur capitals, and my homework assignment was to write out a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I chose to write a list of US cities. There are many different styles of writing

From paper to digital

I've been studying calligraphy for almost 10 years now, and I found that depending on where you are geographically, it can either look like calligraphy is just another art class anyone can take, or like it's some special club where

Swiss design?

All throughout college I've heard so much about how awesome Swiss design is. I've also seen a huge number of examples: books, posters, typefaces... I have to say, though, that generalizations of this kind are harmful. When you call something

Oddly specific

Signs and labels of all kinds are a source of unending fascination for me. Today, I'd like to talk about two of them that I recently saw. You've probably heard about Helvetica Man (a term coined by Ellen Lupten). Even

The joys of Fiat 500

You might remember my earlier post on car temperature controls. Back when I wrote it, I thought those controls were the worst thing about cars. Enter my new arch-nemesis: Fiat 500. To cut the long story shot, somebody hit my

Teavana's new labels

At the end of last year, the local Teavana store got a major facelift. Now the teas are no longer hidden behind the register, but can instead be browsed by buyers. I am assuming that similar changes are happening across

Material matters

Signs of all sorts surround us. Some are good and clear, such as most of street signs, while others can be hard to read and confusing. However, typography is not the only thing that makes a good sign. It is

On hard dependencies

This week, there was a major power outage in the area where I live. We had no power in the house for over 20 hours. During this time, I learned a couple interesting things about my appliances. I have a